Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yeah I know what you'r thinking about the title.....it's weird. I don't know whats up with the title I just want to talk about a bunch of stuff!!! Well........uhhhhh......ummmm.....hmmmm...ok let me tell you whats going on in me life. It's gonna be like a chapter book thing.
Chapter 1.......
Well for the first chapter I will talk about our living room.
So we were well....my mom and dad were on some home living room furniture site.(they were looking for couches) We needed to get a new couch...and I don't know why!!! So well we used to have this REALLY comfy couch and we gave it to my Aunt and Uncle. And now my mom and dad wish they didn't give it to them. :-( So now they were on the furniture site and saw a cool couch.
My brother and dad went to the place were the couch was. Then they sat on it...and said it was awesome. My dad told my mom and they decided to buy it!!! So we sold our other couch on Craigslist. And now we are going to have some dude clean our floors tonight. And we are painting our living room gray. My mom also got SUPER DUPER cute new curtains and we got a flat screen TV!!!!!!! Woo-hoo! Ok I will do chapter 2 on me next post!!!