Friday, June 4, 2010


Today, we went to my mom's friend name Meredith. She was having a garage sale..and we went to help out. We were there for 4 hours or something and during those 3 hours a 5 year old named Avery wouldn't play with me AT ALL!!! I asked if we could play babies (I didn't want to play babies....but I thought cause she loves them so much she would give in) You know what she said, "NO". After that my BEST friends Emma,Liliana,and Claire came over and I'm like HALLELUJA!
Thank Goodness! We played "Restraunt" for a while then I had to go and RIGHT NOW at 12:28 pm, I Madeline is writing a post for my blog! Ok one more thing I want you to rate how good my blog background is!

Peace Out!!!