Monday, March 29, 2010

Day of Fun with The Boley's!

So some of you don't know who the Boley's are. Well.......they are a family that goes to our church, the kids have a mom and dad,and they are all girls......the kids. So first, I can tell you about Liliana.
Lili is my awesome let me tell something she is TOTALLY NOT a girly girl.
Just like me, she really likes blue and green! And she likes getting dirty....... I kinda like gettin' down-and-dirty...hehe. Next, Emma. She isn't a girly girl, but she isn't a tom-boy either. I think she is a mix of girly girl and tom-boy.... she likes pink and purple. Well... Emma is a awesome friend to. She has a pretty cute blog called "Beautiful Lover Of Jesus" if you want to read it I'll have to ask her. So now, Claire. She is a girly girl, and she is a little goofy. My friend Emma and Liliana think she is weird. Ok so now the story, my mom got lessons from Liliana's mom. The lessons were how to milk Charlotte.... Charlotte is there cow. So my mom got lessons and we went over there to milk her and take some home with us. My mom was outside milking her while me and all my friends got ready. When we got out there they already milked her...I was sad. But, they have chickens.....and Lili picked one up and it was like almost cooing.....HAHA! I pet the chicken for a little while,then Liliana let it go and we chased the chickens. So that day was a lot of fun. And we got to take some chicken eggs home with us. When we got home we just chill-axed. So yeah.

Peace Out!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


PLEASE! Peoples write some comments!!! I don't hardly have ANY.......sadness.
I really want comments please.......thats the best part of a blog......comments. : - )
Ok on my next post I'm going to (maybe) change my background. I need some cute ideas for a BETTER blog..... which includes a better background!!! SO please post comments on how I can have a better blog so people will read it! Ok then.......well I guess my next post will be about AIO......

Peace Out!!!!

P.S. AIO is the only clue you get for my next post!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

FUNNY Things Eli Says!!! Hehehehehe!!!

Ok I am going to tell you funny things Eli says and stories!!! It will be like well.... here it is....

Chapter 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eli: Hey Madeline!
Me: Yes Eli!!!!!
Eli: Guess what at Menard's, me and dad saw a funny picture in the big men's place!
Me: What?!?!
Eli: I saw a Monkey with a red butt and it was putting butt powder on it!!!
Me: OH MY WORD!!! Are you lying to me!!!
Eli: NO!!!! I am telling the truth the monkey put butt powder on his butt!!!
In the big men's place!!!
So I call that story...... The Red Butt Monkey! And I typed the exact same words Eli said. And the way he says them...... his grammar is a little funny.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chapter 2..... Lola

Ok in this chapter I am going to talk about Lola. And how we got her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 2.................

So first of all Lola is a basset Hound!!!! A VERY, VERY,VERY CUTE Basset Hound!!! I am going to make a list of Lola's favorite things to do!!!!!!!!

1. Chew Everything in her path..... mostly she LOVES to eat and run around the house with a sock in her mouth..... : - P

2. She loves laying on the couch......with Dad only.

3. She LOVES playing tug-of-war.

4. She just likes playing with anything really.....

5. She LOVES treats!!!!

6. She LOVES going upstairs!!!

That is the end of my list!!! So now let ME tell you about Lola!! And how we got her!!!

Now the REAL story of Lola Bea.
Ok most of you should know that we used to have cats.....we gave them away...... sadness..... :'- ()
At first was Dad's idea to get a basset because he ALWAYS wanted one. Before we gave the cats away we tried having Lola AND the cats live together........ it did NOT work out!!! The cats literally were like in a prison upstairs!!! So we got rid of the cats and when we had the cats I was at a real school instead of being home schooled. So Mom and Eli were picking me up and Eli kept saying " Madeline Betty is gone" Betty was one of our cats. And when we got home me, Eli and mom went upstairs and I almost sat on a certain spot on my bed. I almost sat on a lump. My mom was like "NO don't sit right there" I look under the covers and who was there...... Betty!!!! I was so excited!!!! But then we got Lola and the cats were still there, they lived together for a couple weeks. Then we got rid of the cats. So how we got Lola is that she was in a bad people couldn't take care of her. So I am spending the night at my grandma's my dad comes to pick us up and Lola was there with him!!! Dad said he and Mom rescued Lola from the bad place cause she was SOOOOO thin. And that is how we got Lola!!!

Peace Out!!!!

P.S. The next chapter is about what funny things Eli says!!! By the way Eli is my Bro....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yeah I know what you'r thinking about the's weird. I don't know whats up with the title I just want to talk about a bunch of stuff!!! Well........uhhhhh......ummmm.....hmmmm...ok let me tell you whats going on in me life. It's gonna be like a chapter book thing.
Chapter 1.......
Well for the first chapter I will talk about our living room.
So we were mom and dad were on some home living room furniture site.(they were looking for couches) We needed to get a new couch...and I don't know why!!! So well we used to have this REALLY comfy couch and we gave it to my Aunt and Uncle. And now my mom and dad wish they didn't give it to them. :-( So now they were on the furniture site and saw a cool couch.
My brother and dad went to the place were the couch was. Then they sat on it...and said it was awesome. My dad told my mom and they decided to buy it!!! So we sold our other couch on Craigslist. And now we are going to have some dude clean our floors tonight. And we are painting our living room gray. My mom also got SUPER DUPER cute new curtains and we got a flat screen TV!!!!!!! Woo-hoo! Ok I will do chapter 2 on me next post!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Pics and Comments....

Soo you guys and girls said you want more pics. And I got them right here. ( the pics I made) They are up above. The one up there is called "Madeline's Mosaic" and it was the FIRST one I ever made!!!! And here is another one.... A weird looking panda. I think It is Koo-coo looking. OK enough of the crazy pics..... I really want people to comment on my blog because no one except Emma my friend is commenting!!!! Soo please comment!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ok on todays post I will post pictures I drew online!!!! So if you like them PLEASE tell me if you want more!!!!! Here they are!!! ( By the way there up above, on the side, or somewhere else) I will post more on the next on the next post. So first I made a weird like British dude!!!! Haha!!! So in the next one its a dot thing that says "HI"
And well thats all the pics!!! Today I am going to my friends house!!! Me and Emma are going to sing and dance till are feet explode or fall off!!!! Thats all folks!!!!

Peace Out!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey guess what! I am posting really quick! Yea! It won't be like ten years now..... he he. Well I will tell you what I am doing and what I have been doing this........ well....... year! Ok so right now I am at my nana's house checking my e-mail and stuff like that. So a couple weeks ago I spent the night at my friend Lydia's house. We had a blast!!! Me and Lydia played on the wii and stayed up till 10:30.....hehe. Ok she has a ton of siblings ( mostly little girls) and they are little bundles of fun and joy!!! She has a little sister Ava who is a little snuggle-bug! :) And Ella is a little wild thing!!!! Then she has Lily who is so much fun! Lily, Ava, and Ella LOVE me and want to hang out with me every spare second I have!!!! Hahaha! Well.... oh I know what I can do show you what muppet I like best!!!
His name is beaker!!! And there is a pic of him!!! This pic is also my picture on g-mail. I LOVE BEAKER!!!!! And here are some cute pics of me when I was little!!!! See this is me!!! I am sooo cute!!! Here is another pic!!! This is me on Holloween. I'm in a kitty costume!!!! By the way I was drinking water out of a bowl.... hahaha! Just some pics from when I was a toddler!!! I love he one when I was holding up one finger! Haha!!! So that is all I got to post!!! See Ya!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just stuff I want to talk about!!!

Well sorry I haven't posted ANYTHING on my blog! I have been looking for cool pics for my cool blog! Ha ha!!! So uuuh I have pics of my adorable basset hound
Lola Bea Miller........ I hope ya like them! Sorry but I couldn't find them..... here are some weird pics! They are above my post because I can't figure out how to put it below my post! Now here is another subject!

Ideas I need you'r ideas for my blog so what could I talk about!!!
By the way want to get in to my book of fame, be the Top Commenter! All you got to do is comment a BUNCH of stuff and give me ideas for a better blog! See soo simple!!! I feel like I am advertising a blog thing on TV. Thanks for reading my blog!!!

Peace out!!!