Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chapter 2..... Lola

Ok in this chapter I am going to talk about Lola. And how we got her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 2.................

So first of all Lola is a basset Hound!!!! A VERY, VERY,VERY CUTE Basset Hound!!! I am going to make a list of Lola's favorite things to do!!!!!!!!

1. Chew Everything in her path..... mostly she LOVES to eat and run around the house with a sock in her mouth..... : - P

2. She loves laying on the couch......with Dad only.

3. She LOVES playing tug-of-war.

4. She just likes playing with anything really.....

5. She LOVES treats!!!!

6. She LOVES going upstairs!!!

That is the end of my list!!! So now let ME tell you about Lola!! And how we got her!!!

Now the REAL story of Lola Bea.
Ok most of you should know that we used to have cats.....we gave them away...... sadness..... :'- ()
At first was Dad's idea to get a basset because he ALWAYS wanted one. Before we gave the cats away we tried having Lola AND the cats live together........ it did NOT work out!!! The cats literally were like in a prison upstairs!!! So we got rid of the cats and when we had the cats I was at a real school instead of being home schooled. So Mom and Eli were picking me up and Eli kept saying " Madeline Betty is gone" Betty was one of our cats. And when we got home me, Eli and mom went upstairs and I almost sat on a certain spot on my bed. I almost sat on a lump. My mom was like "NO don't sit right there" I look under the covers and who was there...... Betty!!!! I was so excited!!!! But then we got Lola and the cats were still there, they lived together for a couple weeks. Then we got rid of the cats. So how we got Lola is that she was in a bad people couldn't take care of her. So I am spending the night at my grandma's my dad comes to pick us up and Lola was there with him!!! Dad said he and Mom rescued Lola from the bad place cause she was SOOOOO thin. And that is how we got Lola!!!

Peace Out!!!!

P.S. The next chapter is about what funny things Eli says!!! By the way Eli is my Bro....