Friday, September 24, 2010


OHMYWORD! Fred is the funniest dude on the planet! My dad thinks he's a total freak. My mom loves him but gets annoyed after watching a few videos. I LOVE HIM! Eli thinks he is hilarious. He is AWESOME!

I've been waiting forever!

My mom bought me a book and it's taking forever to get here! ( Its been 4 days) which I think is abnoxious!
I seriously think that it should take only a few hours and "BING" there is you amazing package. She got it from Amazon... I don't exactly know if Amazon is the slowest place to deliver or what! Well... 5 days to deliver might not be the longest time to get a package... but when it's a book I've have been begging to get, my patience meter
isn't 100% full. It drops to like 50% or 65%... something like that.

I need Book.