Friday, September 24, 2010

I've been waiting forever!

My mom bought me a book and it's taking forever to get here! ( Its been 4 days) which I think is abnoxious!
I seriously think that it should take only a few hours and "BING" there is you amazing package. She got it from Amazon... I don't exactly know if Amazon is the slowest place to deliver or what! Well... 5 days to deliver might not be the longest time to get a package... but when it's a book I've have been begging to get, my patience meter
isn't 100% full. It drops to like 50% or 65%... something like that.

I need Book.


  1. Tell me about this book, Madeline. It must be GREAT!!!

  2. It's an American Girl book. And I always wanted it. It's really cool. It's kinda like something for school.

  3. That is why I love the library. I rarely have to wait for my book, because they have so many copies.

    Amazon is cool though, as is every single used bookstore in the universe.

  4. Wow! Evan I had no idea you liked to read my blog... because I'm only nine years of age and I'm a well...kid. :-) Yeah I like the library to.
    We go to Urbandale Library. I almost always get their Adventures In Odyssey Cd's. They are awesome! It's my favorite radio drama!

    Peace Out!!! Madeline


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