Monday, March 29, 2010

Day of Fun with The Boley's!

So some of you don't know who the Boley's are. Well.......they are a family that goes to our church, the kids have a mom and dad,and they are all girls......the kids. So first, I can tell you about Liliana.
Lili is my awesome let me tell something she is TOTALLY NOT a girly girl.
Just like me, she really likes blue and green! And she likes getting dirty....... I kinda like gettin' down-and-dirty...hehe. Next, Emma. She isn't a girly girl, but she isn't a tom-boy either. I think she is a mix of girly girl and tom-boy.... she likes pink and purple. Well... Emma is a awesome friend to. She has a pretty cute blog called "Beautiful Lover Of Jesus" if you want to read it I'll have to ask her. So now, Claire. She is a girly girl, and she is a little goofy. My friend Emma and Liliana think she is weird. Ok so now the story, my mom got lessons from Liliana's mom. The lessons were how to milk Charlotte.... Charlotte is there cow. So my mom got lessons and we went over there to milk her and take some home with us. My mom was outside milking her while me and all my friends got ready. When we got out there they already milked her...I was sad. But, they have chickens.....and Lili picked one up and it was like almost cooing.....HAHA! I pet the chicken for a little while,then Liliana let it go and we chased the chickens. So that day was a lot of fun. And we got to take some chicken eggs home with us. When we got home we just chill-axed. So yeah.

Peace Out!!!