Monday, September 27, 2010

A couple websites you would like...

Hello! I'm going to post some websites that you would like! Some of them and most of them are kid sites.
And I am going to rate which are best in my opinion.
Web sites that don't need a email address... that I know of rating- 4 and a half stars. Age: 6+

Websites with unlimited chatting and sending messages to others... I am not aloud to play this site any more. rating- 10 stars + Age: 12+

Websites with chatting but need an email address to chat... rating- 3 stars Age: 8+
www. rating- 3 stars Age: 9 +
www. rating- 4 stars Age: 6+
www. rating- 3 and a half stars Age: 7+ rating- 3 stars Age: 9+

Websites with no chatting but need an email address... Age: 9+

Websites that need an email address...

Well roblox I have to tell you has unlimited forums, chatting, and sending messages. Of course my mom and dad didn't know till I showed them roblox. And another thing if your computer is kinda old and is weak against bad stuff like a virus DO NOT DOWNLOAD ROBLOX! Because it can harm your computer... that is what happened to my cousins. But, you can still have tons of fun on roblox. Poptropica you dont have to download and it is a really fun game. That is the only site my mom and dad like... it really makes your brain think. When I say think it means it really gets the ol' gears turning. It has no chatting... and is a total blast. Even though it can get pretty difficult at times I highly recommend Poptropica.

And here is a website that you don't have to have an account on but can still play. rating- 4 stars Age: 10+

There you go people!

P.S. Vote on my poll

Friday, September 24, 2010


OHMYWORD! Fred is the funniest dude on the planet! My dad thinks he's a total freak. My mom loves him but gets annoyed after watching a few videos. I LOVE HIM! Eli thinks he is hilarious. He is AWESOME!

I've been waiting forever!

My mom bought me a book and it's taking forever to get here! ( Its been 4 days) which I think is abnoxious!
I seriously think that it should take only a few hours and "BING" there is you amazing package. She got it from Amazon... I don't exactly know if Amazon is the slowest place to deliver or what! Well... 5 days to deliver might not be the longest time to get a package... but when it's a book I've have been begging to get, my patience meter
isn't 100% full. It drops to like 50% or 65%... something like that.

I need Book.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Funny Stuff...

Ok, my mom was watching the "Regis and Kelly *Live* Heel-a-thon" I was bored on the X-box so I came to watch it with her... when they were doing the race, a girl fell, and my mom said...
                                "Oh, a girl died"
   My face widens in shock " WHAT" I say staring at her my eye's WIDE open.
                 "OH! NO, wait, she fell! Sorry she didn't die she fell!" mom says.
           That was very hilarious.... and whenever I repeat what she said... she cracks up!
  What else is funny.... sorry folks I got nothing.

P.S. Cheese...
        Pepper jack
        Monterey Jack


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am a fish...

SWIMMING! It's technically my life. I love to swim. No kidding I do. Seriously. You have to believe me.
So, basically in my nine years of life... I have learned... dog paddle, front float, back float ( I was 6 and wouldn't let my swim teachers teach me... I thought I was gonna drown. And nobody likes the feeling of water up their nose), freestyle, backstroke, dolphin kick ( so awesome and fun), breaststroke, butterfly, sit-dive, kneel- dive,
stand up- dive, and side breathing, oh and streamline, pushing off the wall under water... and that's it... I think.
Um, just so you know I'm in Pre-competitive swim class. It teaches me (the coach's they switch but, my regular coach is a guy named Eathen, then there's Dave he is the head coach of Central Iowa Aquatics... thats where I'm taking lessons... then there is Eathen's brother Eddie) how to prepare for swim meets (competitive stuff).
That's it mainly.

Peace Out!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mother and I

Tonight, my amazing... fun to hang with... mother (she prefers "mom") went on a shoe buying /fun date with me.
And in the car...
                             "Mom this is like a girls night out", said I.
                            " Not really," said Mom.
                   ( When we get to Target)  "Mom! This is like a girls night out", I say.
                "No it's not please stop calling it that", mom says.
                                "Ok", I say.
Hehe... I thought this was funny... so. I got these awesome Smurf pins for my hand bag! SO STINKIN' COOL!
My parents grew up with Smurf's... I imagine 'cause they love them. Yep. Yeah. Um. Why are the movie camera's still rolling!!!  8 - O I said we would be done at 7:25 PM it's 7:31 PM. Oh great... now I'm busted.
Mom and Dad said I had to go to bed at 6:00 pm... NOT 7:32... (if you don't understand its like because I'm still posting on my blog)

Oh and sad news... I was on Whitsend. org and on a podcast Bob blew up himself and Jesse... SERIOUSLY he was trying to make fireworks for something amazing... and it ended in DEATH! Big explosion... I CAN'T GO ON WITHOUT THE AIO POD CAST! *CRY CRY CRY* *SNIFF* WAHHH! Don't touch explosions the next time Bob...  wait.... NOOO! THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME! there already dead...

Jusin Beiber... and Miley Cyrus.

Well, Justin Beiber... the 15 year old that sings like a girl... thats how I think he sings. Almost every single girl at my VBS is in love with Justin B. His initials sound like JD as in Juvenile Detention. I don't like his music... 1. He sings about getting kissy kissy "I love you" with random " Cute" girls he doesn't even know! 2. He is WAY WAY to young ( In my opinion) to be singing about that junk! Just like Miley Cyrus he's going down the road of
the "Darkside".  Just a FYI, if you didn't know, Miley Cyrus is dating guys WAY older than her, wearing hoochie "I'm so grown up! Little girls love me" clothes, and she is singing with "Oh so bad" stuff in  her "Little girl" songs! This is my imitation of Miley Cyrus " Oh, I'm so grown up. Guys love me cause I'm so pretty. I am so awesome". And ta-da! Here is my imitation of (lets see if you can guess) ____________ " Come here pretty lady! Your so beautiful! Gimme some love"... if you don't know it's JB. Hehe... I hope you thought it was funny.

Peace Out!!! Madeline 

Ok this Journal thing...

Not working out... I think i'm gonna be a regular blog poster. If that makes you happy. Ok, I'm going to go get a new blog background.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Journal, Sept. 6. 2010

Well, journal... today mom and dad are shopping and they said I had to clean my room, and clean the kitchen. I did clean everything if you were wondering,journal. Eli is playing on the X-Box 360 and I am writing in you. Lola, our basset hound, is eating a dog cookie in her kennel.
Good bye Journal.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Something I will do with my blog from now on

Well, now to make my blog more interesting, I'm mainly going to be doing a journal type thing.
You'll see in my next post!

Friday, September 3, 2010

hey sorry i haven't been on forever

hey im on a short break from blogging so I'll see ya in a while BYE!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey whatttup Hola

Today I'm going to write something my brother said and did last night.

1. Eli:Last Night
Ok yesterday I went to the eye Doctor and he told me "If your reading for longer than 2 minutes, take your glasses off". So that night I was reading a book.... with my glasses off, so Eli comes up, stares at me, and says " WHOA MADELINE! I didn't know you had'd eyetacts!"
"What?" I say," OOOH you mean contacts. NO the Doctor wants me to read with my glasses off".
"Oh", Eli says. And yes he said had'd..... hehe

Peace Out ON Planet Earth!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Blog

Whattup peoples of the very interesting earth. I might start a new blog but don't what it would be about.. So post a comment saying it would either be cool or not so cool....

Friday, August 13, 2010


I have two things to post about....

1. The song "I'm Blue Techno Remix"
Goodness Golly Gracious! I LOVE this song its on my cousin Sophie's blog... so awesome.
LOVE IT! So thats it for post one!

2. Spiritual Spa at Heartland Assembly.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Man the spa was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Goodness Golly Gracious! I worked in the Prophetic Room from 5:30 to 7:30. One of the girls we gave God Words to was texting on her phone a lot and she looked real uncomfortable I got a word went over to her told her and she looked at me and said "Ok this is really awkward" So yeah. I got my feet washed and broke a pot (On purpose you were aloud to do it) ok chapter 3 is on my next post!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

War in Afghanistan...

Now you see the reason I'm posting about The War is because my moms two good friends husbands got on the bus to go to Mississippi for training, then they go to Afghanistan . So I just wanted you guys to pray for Seth and Michael, thats there names... the guys who are at war right now. So just keep them in your prayers please! And pray for Seth and Michael's families. Seth has an almost 1 yr old daughter and a 3 yr old daughter. Micheal doesn't have any kids except if you count his dog named Romeo. Michael's wife's name is Alana ( pronounced: A-lay-na). Seth's wife's name is Bethany (pronounced: Beth-a-nie) Please pray for them!!!

Peace Out!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blank Blank Blank

My mind is blank so I'll post about how blank and crazy I am. (HEY! I just made an Idea for a blog post) The End.

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ok I'm posting about my good and AWESOME friend Emma! She has curly, fluffy, dark chocolate
brown hair! And a flashing movie star smile! She loves singing and dancing, and wants to be a rock star! (Like me) She is now 11 (She will be a teenager in two years. WOW) The only bad part is I don't see her very often and I want to REALLY bad! She's a good, responsible baby sitter when her mom is gone. Plus she knows CPR! Emma is encouraging and fun to hang out with! She likes to talk about what I want to talk about. She is SUPER DUPER UPER BUPER ZUPER good at singing and VERY stylish.

Love YA Emma!

Peace Out!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Man my mom and dad are tan...

One thing that is kinda scaring me MY DAD AND MOM ARE SUPER TAN... I'm not used to seeing them like that!
My mom has a sunburn so does my dad cause the only thing they put on is "Suntan Stuff".
And of course the little nine yr old has to wear crazy sunscreen! I mean seriously I wanna be SUPER tan to! But I don't want to get a sunburn. My dad if you put your hand on his sunburn and press when you take your hand off its a white hand print that quickly fades away! Ok another newsflash my brother Eli is going GAGA over Avatar The Last Airbender. I have proof!!!! We were at the store ands Eli keeps going "WATER BENDER WOOSH! AIR BENDER WHATA" and waving his hands around! Its actually very funny! My AWESOME boy cousins Ian and Leo took a quiz of which element we are and I was WATER! Water is actually one of my favorite elements. (Most of you probably think I'm talking like a hobo gone crazy) So yeah.... have a piano lesson tomorrow at
1:00 pm and thats it really!

Peace Out!!!


My room is now painted white!!!! SO happy!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok I am so sorry I haven't typed in a while.... 1.I was grounded. 2.I was at camp!
So it was awesome! Loved it! Ok when we got on the church bus they checked everyone was there.
Then we had to drive an hour. When we got there it was SO HECTIC I WANTED TO EXPLODE!
And this boy named Denver, if you didn't say "Thats My Bag" he would throw it out the back of the bus and a big BONUS: It was raining... My Pastor said when we see Denver we can beat him up,tie him, and throw him into the nine foot section of the pool! Plus Denver on purpose mushed and dumped his food from lunch on my friend Sianna. I was saying what the heck! Ok after we got our stuff we went to the cabin and put our sheets and pillows on our bunks...I was going to share a bunk with someone but the counselors said they needed it. So I had to share a bunk with someone I didn't know..I was bottom. After that we could explore then we went to lunch it was actually pretty good for camp food! And then we had more exploring and then dinner! After that we went to the chapel for service. Ands then we went the cabin and stayed up till 10:30. Now let me tell you about Thursday night so we have color wars and I was green team we got 2 out of 4 place! So that night we stayed up till 1:30 in the morning and at 9:00 o'clock my counselor Katie, went crazy. So first of all you gotta understand that all my counselors where either 17 or 18. Lauren one of my counselors said it happens to teenagers if they don't get enough sleep. Katie kept eating candy and she put crazy clothes and drank a juice box through her woolen hat straw poked in. We were asking these weird questions she answered and we would always LAUGH! Loved that night! Ok see ya later peoples!

Peace Out!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ok when I say blood I mean my mom and dad are getting there blood drawn from some lady and she s at our house right now! The reason they have to get blood drawn is because they changed our insurance. I was totally terrified at the thought of getting blood drawn but today my mom said we aren't getting it done! THANK GOODNESS!!!

Funny Fact: My dads mom (Who we call Nana) has passed out from seeing blood before...ick

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teenager in Love

Hey guys I'm listening to "Teenager in Love" on my cousin Sophie's playlist on her blog! Love this song....haha think of that for a minute a nine yr old loving a 70's song! I'm an oldie.
Ok everyone... bye

Peace Out!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My NEW header...

WHATS UP EVERYBODY! Now I know I know my blog header is so cute your gonna pass out...haha just kidding! And your probably wondering where in the WORLD I GOT IT! Well, the answer is I desighned it with the help of my: Mom's Mom we call... Grammy! If you want more info just comment in the box thing...PLEASE! By the way IT WAS SO HARD TO GET DONE!
And right now at 10:13 AM my lil' bro is taking a bath...making a bunch of noises like this: "Pew, Pew", "AAAAHHHH WERE GONNA DIE", and a bunch of explosions... and screams.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Despicable Me!

OH MY WORD! BEST MOVIE EVER! I'm not kidding so funny! My whole family LOVED it!
Gru is the guy who is a "Super-Villain". And then a couple homeless girls come to him and are selling cookies! Then Gru adopts the girls. I won't tell you too much just incase if your going to it!
I HIGHLY recommend you go to it! And you should see it in 3D SO MUCH BETTER IN 3D. I have the trailer up above!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Changed Blog!

I changed my blog so it would look cooler! And I like the font I have now cause it looks more computerish! SO yeah!

Peace Out!!!


Hi everyone! Today, Eli's friend Oliver is coming over to play for a while then we are going to a movie called "Despicable Me". Its in 3D but, my mom doesn't know if we're seeing it in 3D...
I read a book today, cleaned my room, had breakfast.....thats it mostly. And the pic below is from the movie we're seeing!

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The new blog designer thing

Well I found it and I tried it.... I didn't understand ANY of it...


Hi peoples of earth I come in peace! SO, I'm back on the computer...(AGAIN) I was also grounded (AGAIN) So just wanted to say I'm BACK (hopefully for at least 3 months)

P.S. Hey Emma see you this morning!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today, we went to my mom's friend name Meredith. She was having a garage sale..and we went to help out. We were there for 4 hours or something and during those 3 hours a 5 year old named Avery wouldn't play with me AT ALL!!! I asked if we could play babies (I didn't want to play babies....but I thought cause she loves them so much she would give in) You know what she said, "NO". After that my BEST friends Emma,Liliana,and Claire came over and I'm like HALLELUJA!
Thank Goodness! We played "Restraunt" for a while then I had to go and RIGHT NOW at 12:28 pm, I Madeline is writing a post for my blog! Ok one more thing I want you to rate how good my blog background is!

Peace Out!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My bro is HATING it that I'm now allowed on the computer!

My brother Eli is suffering 'cause he can't play on the computer anymore! (He THINKS he can't play on it anymore) It's kinda funny and awesome in my own little way....teehee. So, we went to the Amana's...'kinda like a German place. Me and my brother got Rock Candy for fifty cents...(Pretty cheap huh) And after we left my mom said "Now we don't have to come back till ten years is up" she said that or something similar don't remember. Thats what she said after we were done at Livin' History Farms. Oh my! So yeah...

Peace Out!!!

P.S. Just wanted to say.................................................I LOVE CHEESE!


OH-YEAH! WOO-HOO! BOO-YA! Schools OUT for the summer! I'm prepared for Swim lessons, spending 3 hours at the pool with my Nana (Nana is what we call my Dad's mom), chill-axing and hanging out with friends, SUMMER CHURCH CAMP!!!!!, going to the lake in Okaboji for The Fourth of July, and well thats it sorta! So CAN NOT WAIT FOR CHURCH CAMP!!!! Its gonna be like AMAZING! Last year when I was in third grade, I couldn't go cause of homesick reasons!

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I found this awesome summer background on this site!
You got to check it out! See ya later! (If the link doesn't work type the site on google or something)

Peace Out!!!

The life of a nine year old!

The life of a nine year old is my new blog name! When I'm ten I will change it to The life of a ten year old! Perfect HUH! I love it! I hope you do to....

Peace Out!!!


You probably don't know what I'm talkin' about! I HAVE BEEN GROUNDED FROM....the TV, computer,and all video game devices! (Told ya it was TERROR) So, if you were wondering why I haven't posted on my blog for the past month I just told ya. I wasn't on a vacation I WAS GROUNDED! Okay? Okay. While I was signing in to blogger my heart was PUMPING cause I couldn't believe I was back on the computer!!!! (For the past month my brother has been playing on the computer and now he is SUPER sad and mad he won't be able to play on 3 hours or more a day...which I think is awesome) So peoples of earth see ya!

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hopefully tonight...

Hopefully tonight we can go to my AWESOME friends the Boley's!!! They much!
We went there yesterday for a fun-play-hang out type thing! LOVED IT! And were going tonight
for gardening! See YA!!!

Peace Out!!!

P.S. Ok first go to

Monday, May 3, 2010 a pain....

I'm home-schooled...most of you know that. And what I'm doing for math STINKS! (Not like the stench or smell just the way it is) I AM IN PAIN! I don't like it at ALL! Some of the stuff I do might be EASY to you but it isn't to me! Like I have to do triple digit multiplication, I have to wright standard notation, and write these GINOURMAS numbers in words! I think I'm gonna pass out!
Ok that was a joke...hehe. GRRR! My brother is in kindergarten and I would like to have the stuff he has. All he has to do is like 5+2 and 3+7! And I have to do DUMB multiplication! See ya later!

Peace Out!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fairy Dust!

Ok your probably like, "Well thats a crazy title". That is what my NEW background is called!
I love it a lot! So cute! And I love really dark backgrounds! Well then...

Peace Out!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Awww man!

Well, apparently my friends mom's weed puller machine thing broke and she wasn't feeling well...
so we didn't get to go! Which totally stinks and another thing you know how I said I would have pics of the Morel Mushrooms...( I spelled Morel wrong on my mushrooms post) the camera we have it can't upload pics to our computer!

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


OH YEAH! I'm going to my BFF's house! At 6:30 or 6:00! They live in the country! And they rock!
They have a garden and my mom and dad work in it with my friends parents! Then me and my AWESOME friends play and hang out! Now you see on the left thats me...hehe.

Peace Out!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Merell Mush-rooms!

OH-YEAH! My dad has found a TON of Merell Mushrooms! And they are HUGE! Pics will soon come! Merell Mushrooms are the best tasting mushrooms on the face of the earth! I LOVE MERELL MUSHROOMS!!! They smell AWESOME when you fry them with butter and flour!

Peace Out!!!

P.S. Tell me if you have ate, made, know, or seen Merell Mushrooms!


Hey guys! Whats up! Umm...well I am going to tell you some stuff about myself...if you are a new reader to my blog! = )

First I am a Christain!!! Jesus is my one and only Savior!
I have one and one only brother no sissies even though I want one REALLY bad! I have three friends one is ten (she will be eleven this year) and her name is Emma! Then the other two are my age! Ya' know nine... so my other friends names are Lydia and Liliana! I LOVE my friends a lot!
And the best part is there Christians to! I also LOVE Christain music, Misty Edwards,Cory Asbury,
Purenrg, and The Ruby's which are all Christain singers! I don't listen to non-Christain music.
I love all of the Pirates of the Carribean movies, Alice in Wonderland (Old animated one), Where the Wild Things Are, Looney Toons, Fairly Odd-Parents, Sponge Bob, Kim Possible, and Mary Poppins!!! My FAVORITE colors are blue,green,and red. I LOVE AIO! That is why my name is AioFreak! (Kidding thats my nick name)

Peace Out!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Where I got my blog background!!!

Some of you are wondering where I got my blog background! Well I will make a link to the site!

Peace Out!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stuff I created on Paint Net!

Alright this is more of the pics I have made! You see the first one, I call it CAmo WOnder! And yes the second letters are capitalized. I called it ya know, CAmo WOnder cause' it looks like camouflage, but its wonderfully colored. The next one is called, Super Duper Thing! I dunno it looks cool... I don't really know why I like it, ok I like it cause' it looks cool!!! The next one is called, Face. Pretty boring name huh? Well I didn't know what to draw so I made a face! Ok this is the end of me post!

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comments Post!

This post is just for you to post ONE HUNDRED comments or more! Ok! I love these kind of posts!

P.S. Some blogs have over 200 comments!


Ok, now my other friend her name is the title... Claire! Claire is really enthusiastic and a bunch of fun! She has silky blonde hair that looks like Lilly's and by the way Lilly is six not seven. So,Claire is fun to play with on the trampoline, because when we play "Dead Man" you jump around her when she is laying down on the trampoline, and she makes me laugh so hard because she is bouncing so high! I really like that game! Claire is a cool, funny girl! Oh and Claire is you know...Liliana and Emma's little sister. She is seven! I like Claire cause' she makes me laugh a bunch its cool!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


OK you know the first post about the pics of my friends they said they couldn't send them or something. So, I can tell you about them!!! I am going to save the big kid friends for last!

Chapter 1, Ava
Ok, there is no way to describe Ava!!! Because... SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Ok, she is four or three right now...don't know how old she is! She is blonde and her hair is so soft! One thing you GOT to know about she's small and snuggly...actually that was two things. She is a little snuggle-bug and IF she gets TOTALLY used to you when you see her, she will say your name really excited and hold her arms up wanting you to hold her! When you hold her she will rest her little head on your shoulder! OH MY WORD, I want a sister like that! ( Its even better when she has her cozy, little pj's on! Cause' then her whole body is soft.) The End!

Chapter 2, Ella
Seriously, Ella is a wild thing!(Well she was when I was over for a sleep over). BUT, she's still a little cutie. She is five right now I think. I love her! She LOVES hanging out with me (or hanging on me). Ok what else should I say about her... OH! She doesn't like naps at all. Umm... I know her really well I just don't know how to describe her! The End.

Chapter 3, Lilly
Lilly is seven years old! She is a blonde girl to. Her hair is long and silky too. Ok, she is attached to me like Ella. well, Ella is attached to me more. She is REALLY funny like Ella,and Ava!
She even makes my pastor laugh at church! I love it when I come over to have a play date or something! The End!

Chapter 4, Lydia!
Now here is a big kid friend!!! She has her mom's hair, blonde with brown in it... its mostly blonde! Lydia is my age, ya know... nine. By the way Lilly, Ella, and Ava are her little sisters...then she has a ten year old brother, Austin. She is funny too, in fact she and two of my other big kid friends made up something called "The Cave-Man voice". I can actually do it!
So,Lydia is a pretty cool girl. She is a christain, her whole family is a christain. I LOVE having her for a friend because she's nice,funny and a lot of fun! The End!

Chapter 5,Liliana!
Liliana is NOT Lydia, Ella, Ava, Austin, and Lilly's sister! She is there friend! Ok, Liliana lives on a farm where her family have chickens, a dog named Charlie, a cow named Charlotte and her kid Joey, who is a boy. Liliana is a girl who does NOT like pink...she likes blue and green. She's a farm girl who likes getting dirty. I LOVE having her for a friend because... she's funny, cool, nice,she isn't a girly girl who likes pink and all that jazz, and I just like her. The End!

Chapter 6, Emma!
Emma,she actually reads my blog and I'm happy she does! : - ) Emma is Lili's sister... Lili and Emma have another sister named Claire who is seven. Emma is like Lili but I don't think she likes getting dirty. So Emma likes Charlotte milk. The milk they get from there cow is straight from the cow, they don't get it pasteurized because... ya know you can't sell milk in Iowa cause' it's illegal. So Emma wants to be a singer when she is older and perform on stage. I LOVE having Emma for a friend because... I like her personality and she is really cool! The End!

P.S. I hope you liked my blog post!

Post about friends!

Ok everyone I am going to post about my friends BUT first I need there pic!

P.S. Emma this is where you come in I need your pic and Lydia's and Lydia's sisters pic!
And get Liliana's too! Ask your mom if she can email the pics to my mom! If you can please post a comment saying yes or no!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Ok I haven't told all of you that I don't have a email. Because my mom realized I'm to young and stuff. So, yeah. Sorry guys and girls. Its ok maybe when I'm older I can have an email. So... ok... sorry.

P.S. Emma ur blog says I can't post comments on it because I have to be a team member. Can you please fix it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Boley's GINORMOUS Garden!!! And Eli's B-day!

Well, according to my dad we are going to the Boley's tonight. They have a garden and it's HUGE!
Soo crazy. They have this little garden team and some families come to garden every Wednesday.
So let me explain, every Wednesday night ONE family comes to garden for 2 hours. And... thats all there is to explain. So, now for Eli's B-day! Guess what he got for his B-day. You got to the way I'm posting about his present on my next post! Muhahahahaha! OK, so we had this awesome desert called Dirt Desert. It has well... you probably know what it is. If you don't I will post about it on my next blog post! Alright the present I'm talking about on my next post is only ONE! To make it sound easier he only got one present for his B-day.

Peace Out!

P.S. Sorry about all the posts about "I need more Comments" and " I need more blog ideas".

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I NEED MORE blog ideas!!!

Please give me blog ideas so I can have a blog like Pioneer Women!!! ( Except like...kid version) I need your help!!! PLEASE!!! I want a better, WAY better blog! So yeah....ok this is kinda a short post.

Peace Out!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

AIO! ( And my blog background) :- )

First AIO!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! Ok first ALL of you MUST understand that I LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE,
LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE AIO!!!! I am seriously OBSESSED.....really and literally obsessed!!! Hehe...kinda embarrassing. Ok, well my favorite character is... who else Connie Kendall! She's a teenage girl who in the first AIO album is NOT a Christian..... don't be worried AIO is a christain drama! : - ) So ummm...... Connie is from LA looking for a job and by the way she's 16! So she's looking for a job and she finds one at Whits End, whits end is owned by John Avery Whittaker, everyone calls him Whit but the kids call him what else Mr.Whittaker!!! ( Mom,
Dad, and all my cousins you guys know some of this) Connie gets a job at Whits End and well....thats kinda about her and her job. So about Connie she is 16, her parents are divorced, she has NO siblings, and she becomes a Christian in one of the albums! So that is about Connie
Kendall!!! Ok next, Mr.Whittaker! He is grandfatherly and he well... owns Whits End! So he wanted Whits End to be a place where kids can just be kids ( like Chuckie Cheese but WAY better) and where they can be inspired! He said it will be a place of uplifting conversation too! His wife Jenny died of some disease that hurts your kidneys....I cried when they did the part when she died.... Oh come on, it's SO realistic!!! And now Eugene Melstner! He is a geeky,nerdy guy who works at Whits End. He has had an on and off relationship with this girl named Katrina Shanks, but they finally got married!!! So thats the basic stuff about AIO.....some of can learn more of it on this website!!!

Now for my blog background!!! I like it because its not girly and little kid....its like teenager thing! Ok end of blog post!!!!

Peace Out!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today..... April.1. 2010

Right about now my mom is watching bro is doing..well I don't know! I can't think of any April Fools jokes...sadness. Please give me ideas before this day is over. (I would like to think of this to be a exclusive post...sorta) Ok, I am going to tell you whats been going on today so far! Umm..... my dad left work today. My mom made caffeine free coffee and even though there wasn't any
caffeine in it I didn't get coffee...sadness. Well, thats kinda it.....sorry. : - (

Peace Out!!!

P.S. The next post is about AIO!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day of Fun with The Boley's!

So some of you don't know who the Boley's are. Well.......they are a family that goes to our church, the kids have a mom and dad,and they are all girls......the kids. So first, I can tell you about Liliana.
Lili is my awesome let me tell something she is TOTALLY NOT a girly girl.
Just like me, she really likes blue and green! And she likes getting dirty....... I kinda like gettin' down-and-dirty...hehe. Next, Emma. She isn't a girly girl, but she isn't a tom-boy either. I think she is a mix of girly girl and tom-boy.... she likes pink and purple. Well... Emma is a awesome friend to. She has a pretty cute blog called "Beautiful Lover Of Jesus" if you want to read it I'll have to ask her. So now, Claire. She is a girly girl, and she is a little goofy. My friend Emma and Liliana think she is weird. Ok so now the story, my mom got lessons from Liliana's mom. The lessons were how to milk Charlotte.... Charlotte is there cow. So my mom got lessons and we went over there to milk her and take some home with us. My mom was outside milking her while me and all my friends got ready. When we got out there they already milked her...I was sad. But, they have chickens.....and Lili picked one up and it was like almost cooing.....HAHA! I pet the chicken for a little while,then Liliana let it go and we chased the chickens. So that day was a lot of fun. And we got to take some chicken eggs home with us. When we got home we just chill-axed. So yeah.

Peace Out!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


PLEASE! Peoples write some comments!!! I don't hardly have ANY.......sadness.
I really want comments please.......thats the best part of a blog......comments. : - )
Ok on my next post I'm going to (maybe) change my background. I need some cute ideas for a BETTER blog..... which includes a better background!!! SO please post comments on how I can have a better blog so people will read it! Ok then.......well I guess my next post will be about AIO......

Peace Out!!!!

P.S. AIO is the only clue you get for my next post!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

FUNNY Things Eli Says!!! Hehehehehe!!!

Ok I am going to tell you funny things Eli says and stories!!! It will be like well.... here it is....

Chapter 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eli: Hey Madeline!
Me: Yes Eli!!!!!
Eli: Guess what at Menard's, me and dad saw a funny picture in the big men's place!
Me: What?!?!
Eli: I saw a Monkey with a red butt and it was putting butt powder on it!!!
Me: OH MY WORD!!! Are you lying to me!!!
Eli: NO!!!! I am telling the truth the monkey put butt powder on his butt!!!
In the big men's place!!!
So I call that story...... The Red Butt Monkey! And I typed the exact same words Eli said. And the way he says them...... his grammar is a little funny.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chapter 2..... Lola

Ok in this chapter I am going to talk about Lola. And how we got her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 2.................

So first of all Lola is a basset Hound!!!! A VERY, VERY,VERY CUTE Basset Hound!!! I am going to make a list of Lola's favorite things to do!!!!!!!!

1. Chew Everything in her path..... mostly she LOVES to eat and run around the house with a sock in her mouth..... : - P

2. She loves laying on the couch......with Dad only.

3. She LOVES playing tug-of-war.

4. She just likes playing with anything really.....

5. She LOVES treats!!!!

6. She LOVES going upstairs!!!

That is the end of my list!!! So now let ME tell you about Lola!! And how we got her!!!

Now the REAL story of Lola Bea.
Ok most of you should know that we used to have cats.....we gave them away...... sadness..... :'- ()
At first was Dad's idea to get a basset because he ALWAYS wanted one. Before we gave the cats away we tried having Lola AND the cats live together........ it did NOT work out!!! The cats literally were like in a prison upstairs!!! So we got rid of the cats and when we had the cats I was at a real school instead of being home schooled. So Mom and Eli were picking me up and Eli kept saying " Madeline Betty is gone" Betty was one of our cats. And when we got home me, Eli and mom went upstairs and I almost sat on a certain spot on my bed. I almost sat on a lump. My mom was like "NO don't sit right there" I look under the covers and who was there...... Betty!!!! I was so excited!!!! But then we got Lola and the cats were still there, they lived together for a couple weeks. Then we got rid of the cats. So how we got Lola is that she was in a bad people couldn't take care of her. So I am spending the night at my grandma's my dad comes to pick us up and Lola was there with him!!! Dad said he and Mom rescued Lola from the bad place cause she was SOOOOO thin. And that is how we got Lola!!!

Peace Out!!!!

P.S. The next chapter is about what funny things Eli says!!! By the way Eli is my Bro....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yeah I know what you'r thinking about the's weird. I don't know whats up with the title I just want to talk about a bunch of stuff!!! Well........uhhhhh......ummmm.....hmmmm...ok let me tell you whats going on in me life. It's gonna be like a chapter book thing.
Chapter 1.......
Well for the first chapter I will talk about our living room.
So we were mom and dad were on some home living room furniture site.(they were looking for couches) We needed to get a new couch...and I don't know why!!! So well we used to have this REALLY comfy couch and we gave it to my Aunt and Uncle. And now my mom and dad wish they didn't give it to them. :-( So now they were on the furniture site and saw a cool couch.
My brother and dad went to the place were the couch was. Then they sat on it...and said it was awesome. My dad told my mom and they decided to buy it!!! So we sold our other couch on Craigslist. And now we are going to have some dude clean our floors tonight. And we are painting our living room gray. My mom also got SUPER DUPER cute new curtains and we got a flat screen TV!!!!!!! Woo-hoo! Ok I will do chapter 2 on me next post!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Pics and Comments....

Soo you guys and girls said you want more pics. And I got them right here. ( the pics I made) They are up above. The one up there is called "Madeline's Mosaic" and it was the FIRST one I ever made!!!! And here is another one.... A weird looking panda. I think It is Koo-coo looking. OK enough of the crazy pics..... I really want people to comment on my blog because no one except Emma my friend is commenting!!!! Soo please comment!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ok on todays post I will post pictures I drew online!!!! So if you like them PLEASE tell me if you want more!!!!! Here they are!!! ( By the way there up above, on the side, or somewhere else) I will post more on the next on the next post. So first I made a weird like British dude!!!! Haha!!! So in the next one its a dot thing that says "HI"
And well thats all the pics!!! Today I am going to my friends house!!! Me and Emma are going to sing and dance till are feet explode or fall off!!!! Thats all folks!!!!

Peace Out!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey guess what! I am posting really quick! Yea! It won't be like ten years now..... he he. Well I will tell you what I am doing and what I have been doing this........ well....... year! Ok so right now I am at my nana's house checking my e-mail and stuff like that. So a couple weeks ago I spent the night at my friend Lydia's house. We had a blast!!! Me and Lydia played on the wii and stayed up till 10:30.....hehe. Ok she has a ton of siblings ( mostly little girls) and they are little bundles of fun and joy!!! She has a little sister Ava who is a little snuggle-bug! :) And Ella is a little wild thing!!!! Then she has Lily who is so much fun! Lily, Ava, and Ella LOVE me and want to hang out with me every spare second I have!!!! Hahaha! Well.... oh I know what I can do show you what muppet I like best!!!
His name is beaker!!! And there is a pic of him!!! This pic is also my picture on g-mail. I LOVE BEAKER!!!!! And here are some cute pics of me when I was little!!!! See this is me!!! I am sooo cute!!! Here is another pic!!! This is me on Holloween. I'm in a kitty costume!!!! By the way I was drinking water out of a bowl.... hahaha! Just some pics from when I was a toddler!!! I love he one when I was holding up one finger! Haha!!! So that is all I got to post!!! See Ya!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just stuff I want to talk about!!!

Well sorry I haven't posted ANYTHING on my blog! I have been looking for cool pics for my cool blog! Ha ha!!! So uuuh I have pics of my adorable basset hound
Lola Bea Miller........ I hope ya like them! Sorry but I couldn't find them..... here are some weird pics! They are above my post because I can't figure out how to put it below my post! Now here is another subject!

Ideas I need you'r ideas for my blog so what could I talk about!!!
By the way want to get in to my book of fame, be the Top Commenter! All you got to do is comment a BUNCH of stuff and give me ideas for a better blog! See soo simple!!! I feel like I am advertising a blog thing on TV. Thanks for reading my blog!!!

Peace out!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

New welcome

my mom typed the welcome thing so i want to do one from me! Welcome to A Daughter of the King! Everyone across Iowa hello! And now bye bye!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New home

Here is my new blog home. We are going to try it out with not having to invite readers and see how it goes.