Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hey guys! Whats up! Umm...well I am going to tell you some stuff about myself...if you are a new reader to my blog! = )

First I am a Christain!!! Jesus is my one and only Savior!
I have one and one only brother no sissies even though I want one REALLY bad! I have three friends one is ten (she will be eleven this year) and her name is Emma! Then the other two are my age! Ya' know nine... so my other friends names are Lydia and Liliana! I LOVE my friends a lot!
And the best part is there Christians to! I also LOVE Christain music, Misty Edwards,Cory Asbury,
Purenrg, and The Ruby's which are all Christain singers! I don't listen to non-Christain music.
I love all of the Pirates of the Carribean movies, Alice in Wonderland (Old animated one), Where the Wild Things Are, Looney Toons, Fairly Odd-Parents, Sponge Bob, Kim Possible, and Mary Poppins!!! My FAVORITE colors are blue,green,and red. I LOVE AIO! That is why my name is AioFreak! (Kidding thats my nick name)

Peace Out!!!


  1. whose your favorite character?
    Do you like the new season?

  2. what do you mean? Like AIO or what?

  3. OH! U mean AIO! My favorite characters are Connie,Tamika,Aubrey,Whit,and the Parkers!

    And I LOVE all the AIO albums!


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