Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Merell Mush-rooms!

OH-YEAH! My dad has found a TON of Merell Mushrooms! And they are HUGE! Pics will soon come! Merell Mushrooms are the best tasting mushrooms on the face of the earth! I LOVE MERELL MUSHROOMS!!! They smell AWESOME when you fry them with butter and flour!

Peace Out!!!

P.S. Tell me if you have ate, made, know, or seen Merell Mushrooms!


  1. ahhh you must live in the country
    {sigh} i always wanted to live in the country in a small town i live in a big noisy city. ok, not a REALLY big one kind of like the suburbs.

  2. Umm actually my dad goes in his jeep and has a "secret" spot by the place he used to work at!

  3. I live in like well a little type city!


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