Monday, September 27, 2010

A couple websites you would like...

Hello! I'm going to post some websites that you would like! Some of them and most of them are kid sites.
And I am going to rate which are best in my opinion.
Web sites that don't need a email address... that I know of rating- 4 and a half stars. Age: 6+

Websites with unlimited chatting and sending messages to others... I am not aloud to play this site any more. rating- 10 stars + Age: 12+

Websites with chatting but need an email address to chat... rating- 3 stars Age: 8+
www. rating- 3 stars Age: 9 +
www. rating- 4 stars Age: 6+
www. rating- 3 and a half stars Age: 7+ rating- 3 stars Age: 9+

Websites with no chatting but need an email address... Age: 9+

Websites that need an email address...

Well roblox I have to tell you has unlimited forums, chatting, and sending messages. Of course my mom and dad didn't know till I showed them roblox. And another thing if your computer is kinda old and is weak against bad stuff like a virus DO NOT DOWNLOAD ROBLOX! Because it can harm your computer... that is what happened to my cousins. But, you can still have tons of fun on roblox. Poptropica you dont have to download and it is a really fun game. That is the only site my mom and dad like... it really makes your brain think. When I say think it means it really gets the ol' gears turning. It has no chatting... and is a total blast. Even though it can get pretty difficult at times I highly recommend Poptropica.

And here is a website that you don't have to have an account on but can still play. rating- 4 stars Age: 10+

There you go people!

P.S. Vote on my poll

Friday, September 24, 2010


OHMYWORD! Fred is the funniest dude on the planet! My dad thinks he's a total freak. My mom loves him but gets annoyed after watching a few videos. I LOVE HIM! Eli thinks he is hilarious. He is AWESOME!

I've been waiting forever!

My mom bought me a book and it's taking forever to get here! ( Its been 4 days) which I think is abnoxious!
I seriously think that it should take only a few hours and "BING" there is you amazing package. She got it from Amazon... I don't exactly know if Amazon is the slowest place to deliver or what! Well... 5 days to deliver might not be the longest time to get a package... but when it's a book I've have been begging to get, my patience meter
isn't 100% full. It drops to like 50% or 65%... something like that.

I need Book.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Funny Stuff...

Ok, my mom was watching the "Regis and Kelly *Live* Heel-a-thon" I was bored on the X-box so I came to watch it with her... when they were doing the race, a girl fell, and my mom said...
                                "Oh, a girl died"
   My face widens in shock " WHAT" I say staring at her my eye's WIDE open.
                 "OH! NO, wait, she fell! Sorry she didn't die she fell!" mom says.
           That was very hilarious.... and whenever I repeat what she said... she cracks up!
  What else is funny.... sorry folks I got nothing.

P.S. Cheese...
        Pepper jack
        Monterey Jack


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am a fish...

SWIMMING! It's technically my life. I love to swim. No kidding I do. Seriously. You have to believe me.
So, basically in my nine years of life... I have learned... dog paddle, front float, back float ( I was 6 and wouldn't let my swim teachers teach me... I thought I was gonna drown. And nobody likes the feeling of water up their nose), freestyle, backstroke, dolphin kick ( so awesome and fun), breaststroke, butterfly, sit-dive, kneel- dive,
stand up- dive, and side breathing, oh and streamline, pushing off the wall under water... and that's it... I think.
Um, just so you know I'm in Pre-competitive swim class. It teaches me (the coach's they switch but, my regular coach is a guy named Eathen, then there's Dave he is the head coach of Central Iowa Aquatics... thats where I'm taking lessons... then there is Eathen's brother Eddie) how to prepare for swim meets (competitive stuff).
That's it mainly.

Peace Out!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mother and I

Tonight, my amazing... fun to hang with... mother (she prefers "mom") went on a shoe buying /fun date with me.
And in the car...
                             "Mom this is like a girls night out", said I.
                            " Not really," said Mom.
                   ( When we get to Target)  "Mom! This is like a girls night out", I say.
                "No it's not please stop calling it that", mom says.
                                "Ok", I say.
Hehe... I thought this was funny... so. I got these awesome Smurf pins for my hand bag! SO STINKIN' COOL!
My parents grew up with Smurf's... I imagine 'cause they love them. Yep. Yeah. Um. Why are the movie camera's still rolling!!!  8 - O I said we would be done at 7:25 PM it's 7:31 PM. Oh great... now I'm busted.
Mom and Dad said I had to go to bed at 6:00 pm... NOT 7:32... (if you don't understand its like because I'm still posting on my blog)

Oh and sad news... I was on Whitsend. org and on a podcast Bob blew up himself and Jesse... SERIOUSLY he was trying to make fireworks for something amazing... and it ended in DEATH! Big explosion... I CAN'T GO ON WITHOUT THE AIO POD CAST! *CRY CRY CRY* *SNIFF* WAHHH! Don't touch explosions the next time Bob...  wait.... NOOO! THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME! there already dead...

Jusin Beiber... and Miley Cyrus.

Well, Justin Beiber... the 15 year old that sings like a girl... thats how I think he sings. Almost every single girl at my VBS is in love with Justin B. His initials sound like JD as in Juvenile Detention. I don't like his music... 1. He sings about getting kissy kissy "I love you" with random " Cute" girls he doesn't even know! 2. He is WAY WAY to young ( In my opinion) to be singing about that junk! Just like Miley Cyrus he's going down the road of
the "Darkside".  Just a FYI, if you didn't know, Miley Cyrus is dating guys WAY older than her, wearing hoochie "I'm so grown up! Little girls love me" clothes, and she is singing with "Oh so bad" stuff in  her "Little girl" songs! This is my imitation of Miley Cyrus " Oh, I'm so grown up. Guys love me cause I'm so pretty. I am so awesome". And ta-da! Here is my imitation of (lets see if you can guess) ____________ " Come here pretty lady! Your so beautiful! Gimme some love"... if you don't know it's JB. Hehe... I hope you thought it was funny.

Peace Out!!! Madeline 

Ok this Journal thing...

Not working out... I think i'm gonna be a regular blog poster. If that makes you happy. Ok, I'm going to go get a new blog background.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Journal, Sept. 6. 2010

Well, journal... today mom and dad are shopping and they said I had to clean my room, and clean the kitchen. I did clean everything if you were wondering,journal. Eli is playing on the X-Box 360 and I am writing in you. Lola, our basset hound, is eating a dog cookie in her kennel.
Good bye Journal.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Something I will do with my blog from now on

Well, now to make my blog more interesting, I'm mainly going to be doing a journal type thing.
You'll see in my next post!

Friday, September 3, 2010

hey sorry i haven't been on forever

hey im on a short break from blogging so I'll see ya in a while BYE!