Sunday, April 4, 2010

AIO! ( And my blog background) :- )

First AIO!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! Ok first ALL of you MUST understand that I LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE,
LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE AIO!!!! I am seriously OBSESSED.....really and literally obsessed!!! Hehe...kinda embarrassing. Ok, well my favorite character is... who else Connie Kendall! She's a teenage girl who in the first AIO album is NOT a Christian..... don't be worried AIO is a christain drama! : - ) So ummm...... Connie is from LA looking for a job and by the way she's 16! So she's looking for a job and she finds one at Whits End, whits end is owned by John Avery Whittaker, everyone calls him Whit but the kids call him what else Mr.Whittaker!!! ( Mom,
Dad, and all my cousins you guys know some of this) Connie gets a job at Whits End and well....thats kinda about her and her job. So about Connie she is 16, her parents are divorced, she has NO siblings, and she becomes a Christian in one of the albums! So that is about Connie
Kendall!!! Ok next, Mr.Whittaker! He is grandfatherly and he well... owns Whits End! So he wanted Whits End to be a place where kids can just be kids ( like Chuckie Cheese but WAY better) and where they can be inspired! He said it will be a place of uplifting conversation too! His wife Jenny died of some disease that hurts your kidneys....I cried when they did the part when she died.... Oh come on, it's SO realistic!!! And now Eugene Melstner! He is a geeky,nerdy guy who works at Whits End. He has had an on and off relationship with this girl named Katrina Shanks, but they finally got married!!! So thats the basic stuff about AIO.....some of can learn more of it on this website!!!

Now for my blog background!!! I like it because its not girly and little kid....its like teenager thing! Ok end of blog post!!!!

Peace Out!!!