Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok I am so sorry I haven't typed in a while.... 1.I was grounded. 2.I was at camp!
So it was awesome! Loved it! Ok when we got on the church bus they checked everyone was there.
Then we had to drive an hour. When we got there it was SO HECTIC I WANTED TO EXPLODE!
And this boy named Denver, if you didn't say "Thats My Bag" he would throw it out the back of the bus and a big BONUS: It was raining... My Pastor said when we see Denver we can beat him up,tie him, and throw him into the nine foot section of the pool! Plus Denver on purpose mushed and dumped his food from lunch on my friend Sianna. I was saying what the heck! Ok after we got our stuff we went to the cabin and put our sheets and pillows on our bunks...I was going to share a bunk with someone but the counselors said they needed it. So I had to share a bunk with someone I didn't know..I was bottom. After that we could explore then we went to lunch it was actually pretty good for camp food! And then we had more exploring and then dinner! After that we went to the chapel for service. Ands then we went the cabin and stayed up till 10:30. Now let me tell you about Thursday night so we have color wars and I was green team we got 2 out of 4 place! So that night we stayed up till 1:30 in the morning and at 9:00 o'clock my counselor Katie, went crazy. So first of all you gotta understand that all my counselors where either 17 or 18. Lauren one of my counselors said it happens to teenagers if they don't get enough sleep. Katie kept eating candy and she put crazy clothes and drank a juice box through her woolen hat straw poked in. We were asking these weird questions she answered and we would always LAUGH! Loved that night! Ok see ya later peoples!

Peace Out!!!