Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I found this awesome summer background on this site!
You got to check it out! See ya later! (If the link doesn't work type the site on google or something)

Peace Out!!!

The life of a nine year old!

The life of a nine year old is my new blog name! When I'm ten I will change it to The life of a ten year old! Perfect HUH! I love it! I hope you do to....

Peace Out!!!


You probably don't know what I'm talkin' about! I HAVE BEEN GROUNDED FROM....the TV, computer,and all video game devices! (Told ya it was TERROR) So, if you were wondering why I haven't posted on my blog for the past month I just told ya. I wasn't on a vacation I WAS GROUNDED! Okay? Okay. While I was signing in to blogger my heart was PUMPING cause I couldn't believe I was back on the computer!!!! (For the past month my brother has been playing on the computer and now he is SUPER sad and mad he won't be able to play on 3 hours or more a day...which I think is awesome) So peoples of earth see ya!

Peace Out!!!