Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Man my mom and dad are tan...

One thing that is kinda scaring me MY DAD AND MOM ARE SUPER TAN... I'm not used to seeing them like that!
My mom has a sunburn so does my dad cause the only thing they put on is "Suntan Stuff".
And of course the little nine yr old has to wear crazy sunscreen! I mean seriously I wanna be SUPER tan to! But I don't want to get a sunburn. My dad if you put your hand on his sunburn and press when you take your hand off its a white hand print that quickly fades away! Ok another newsflash my brother Eli is going GAGA over Avatar The Last Airbender. I have proof!!!! We were at the store ands Eli keeps going "WATER BENDER WOOSH! AIR BENDER WHATA" and waving his hands around! Its actually very funny! My AWESOME boy cousins Ian and Leo took a quiz of which element we are and I was WATER! Water is actually one of my favorite elements. (Most of you probably think I'm talking like a hobo gone crazy) So yeah.... have a piano lesson tomorrow at
1:00 pm and thats it really!

Peace Out!!!


My room is now painted white!!!! SO happy!