Thursday, June 3, 2010

My bro is HATING it that I'm now allowed on the computer!

My brother Eli is suffering 'cause he can't play on the computer anymore! (He THINKS he can't play on it anymore) It's kinda funny and awesome in my own little way....teehee. So, we went to the Amana's...'kinda like a German place. Me and my brother got Rock Candy for fifty cents...(Pretty cheap huh) And after we left my mom said "Now we don't have to come back till ten years is up" she said that or something similar don't remember. Thats what she said after we were done at Livin' History Farms. Oh my! So yeah...

Peace Out!!!

P.S. Just wanted to say.................................................I LOVE CHEESE!


OH-YEAH! WOO-HOO! BOO-YA! Schools OUT for the summer! I'm prepared for Swim lessons, spending 3 hours at the pool with my Nana (Nana is what we call my Dad's mom), chill-axing and hanging out with friends, SUMMER CHURCH CAMP!!!!!, going to the lake in Okaboji for The Fourth of July, and well thats it sorta! So CAN NOT WAIT FOR CHURCH CAMP!!!! Its gonna be like AMAZING! Last year when I was in third grade, I couldn't go cause of homesick reasons!

Peace Out!!!