Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comments Post!

This post is just for you to post ONE HUNDRED comments or more! Ok! I love these kind of posts!

P.S. Some blogs have over 200 comments!


Ok, now my other friend her name is the title... Claire! Claire is really enthusiastic and a bunch of fun! She has silky blonde hair that looks like Lilly's and by the way Lilly is six not seven. So,Claire is fun to play with on the trampoline, because when we play "Dead Man" you jump around her when she is laying down on the trampoline, and she makes me laugh so hard because she is bouncing so high! I really like that game! Claire is a cool, funny girl! Oh and Claire is you know...Liliana and Emma's little sister. She is seven! I like Claire cause' she makes me laugh a bunch its cool!