Tuesday, April 20, 2010


OK you know the first post about the pics of my friends they said they couldn't send them or something. So, I can tell you about them!!! I am going to save the big kid friends for last!

Chapter 1, Ava
Ok, there is no way to describe Ava!!! Because... SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Ok, she is four or three right now...don't know how old she is! She is blonde and her hair is so soft! One thing you GOT to know about she's small and snuggly...actually that was two things. She is a little snuggle-bug and IF she gets TOTALLY used to you when you see her, she will say your name really excited and hold her arms up wanting you to hold her! When you hold her she will rest her little head on your shoulder! OH MY WORD, I want a sister like that! ( Its even better when she has her cozy, little pj's on! Cause' then her whole body is soft.) The End!

Chapter 2, Ella
Seriously, Ella is a wild thing!(Well she was when I was over for a sleep over). BUT, she's still a little cutie. She is five right now I think. I love her! She LOVES hanging out with me (or hanging on me). Ok what else should I say about her... OH! She doesn't like naps at all. Umm... I know her really well I just don't know how to describe her! The End.

Chapter 3, Lilly
Lilly is seven years old! She is a blonde girl to. Her hair is long and silky too. Ok, she is attached to me like Ella. well, Ella is attached to me more. She is REALLY funny like Ella,and Ava!
She even makes my pastor laugh at church! I love it when I come over to have a play date or something! The End!

Chapter 4, Lydia!
Now here is a big kid friend!!! She has her mom's hair, blonde with brown in it... its mostly blonde! Lydia is my age, ya know... nine. By the way Lilly, Ella, and Ava are her little sisters...then she has a ten year old brother, Austin. She is funny too, in fact she and two of my other big kid friends made up something called "The Cave-Man voice". I can actually do it!
So,Lydia is a pretty cool girl. She is a christain, her whole family is a christain. I LOVE having her for a friend because she's nice,funny and a lot of fun! The End!

Chapter 5,Liliana!
Liliana is NOT Lydia, Ella, Ava, Austin, and Lilly's sister! She is there friend! Ok, Liliana lives on a farm where her family have chickens, a dog named Charlie, a cow named Charlotte and her kid Joey, who is a boy. Liliana is a girl who does NOT like pink...she likes blue and green. She's a farm girl who likes getting dirty. I LOVE having her for a friend because... she's funny, cool, nice,she isn't a girly girl who likes pink and all that jazz, and I just like her. The End!

Chapter 6, Emma!
Emma,she actually reads my blog and I'm happy she does! : - ) Emma is Lili's sister... Lili and Emma have another sister named Claire who is seven. Emma is like Lili but I don't think she likes getting dirty. So Emma likes Charlotte milk. The milk they get from there cow is straight from the cow, they don't get it pasteurized because... ya know you can't sell milk in Iowa cause' it's illegal. So Emma wants to be a singer when she is older and perform on stage. I LOVE having Emma for a friend because... I like her personality and she is really cool! The End!

P.S. I hope you liked my blog post!

Post about friends!

Ok everyone I am going to post about my friends BUT first I need there pic!

P.S. Emma this is where you come in I need your pic and Lydia's and Lydia's sisters pic!
And get Liliana's too! Ask your mom if she can email the pics to my mom! If you can please post a comment saying yes or no!