Monday, September 20, 2010

Jusin Beiber... and Miley Cyrus.

Well, Justin Beiber... the 15 year old that sings like a girl... thats how I think he sings. Almost every single girl at my VBS is in love with Justin B. His initials sound like JD as in Juvenile Detention. I don't like his music... 1. He sings about getting kissy kissy "I love you" with random " Cute" girls he doesn't even know! 2. He is WAY WAY to young ( In my opinion) to be singing about that junk! Just like Miley Cyrus he's going down the road of
the "Darkside".  Just a FYI, if you didn't know, Miley Cyrus is dating guys WAY older than her, wearing hoochie "I'm so grown up! Little girls love me" clothes, and she is singing with "Oh so bad" stuff in  her "Little girl" songs! This is my imitation of Miley Cyrus " Oh, I'm so grown up. Guys love me cause I'm so pretty. I am so awesome". And ta-da! Here is my imitation of (lets see if you can guess) ____________ " Come here pretty lady! Your so beautiful! Gimme some love"... if you don't know it's JB. Hehe... I hope you thought it was funny.

Peace Out!!! Madeline 


  1. Hey peanut, I want you to know that I am so proud of you and how much wisdom you have as a 9 yr old. I love your honesty and your discernment of the things around you of whether they are good for your spirit or not. Have a great day!!!

    Love you sweet-pea!

    PS - I dig the fishy's :)



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