Monday, September 27, 2010

A couple websites you would like...

Hello! I'm going to post some websites that you would like! Some of them and most of them are kid sites.
And I am going to rate which are best in my opinion.
Web sites that don't need a email address... that I know of rating- 4 and a half stars. Age: 6+

Websites with unlimited chatting and sending messages to others... I am not aloud to play this site any more. rating- 10 stars + Age: 12+

Websites with chatting but need an email address to chat... rating- 3 stars Age: 8+
www. rating- 3 stars Age: 9 +
www. rating- 4 stars Age: 6+
www. rating- 3 and a half stars Age: 7+ rating- 3 stars Age: 9+

Websites with no chatting but need an email address... Age: 9+

Websites that need an email address...

Well roblox I have to tell you has unlimited forums, chatting, and sending messages. Of course my mom and dad didn't know till I showed them roblox. And another thing if your computer is kinda old and is weak against bad stuff like a virus DO NOT DOWNLOAD ROBLOX! Because it can harm your computer... that is what happened to my cousins. But, you can still have tons of fun on roblox. Poptropica you dont have to download and it is a really fun game. That is the only site my mom and dad like... it really makes your brain think. When I say think it means it really gets the ol' gears turning. It has no chatting... and is a total blast. Even though it can get pretty difficult at times I highly recommend Poptropica.

And here is a website that you don't have to have an account on but can still play. rating- 4 stars Age: 10+

There you go people!

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