Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am a fish...

SWIMMING! It's technically my life. I love to swim. No kidding I do. Seriously. You have to believe me.
So, basically in my nine years of life... I have learned... dog paddle, front float, back float ( I was 6 and wouldn't let my swim teachers teach me... I thought I was gonna drown. And nobody likes the feeling of water up their nose), freestyle, backstroke, dolphin kick ( so awesome and fun), breaststroke, butterfly, sit-dive, kneel- dive,
stand up- dive, and side breathing, oh and streamline, pushing off the wall under water... and that's it... I think.
Um, just so you know I'm in Pre-competitive swim class. It teaches me (the coach's they switch but, my regular coach is a guy named Eathen, then there's Dave he is the head coach of Central Iowa Aquatics... thats where I'm taking lessons... then there is Eathen's brother Eddie) how to prepare for swim meets (competitive stuff).
That's it mainly.

Peace Out!!!

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