Tuesday, August 3, 2010

War in Afghanistan...

Now you see the reason I'm posting about The War is because my moms two good friends husbands got on the bus to go to Mississippi for training, then they go to Afghanistan . So I just wanted you guys to pray for Seth and Michael, thats there names... the guys who are at war right now. So just keep them in your prayers please! And pray for Seth and Michael's families. Seth has an almost 1 yr old daughter and a 3 yr old daughter. Micheal doesn't have any kids except if you count his dog named Romeo. Michael's wife's name is Alana ( pronounced: A-lay-na). Seth's wife's name is Bethany (pronounced: Beth-a-nie) Please pray for them!!!

Peace Out!!!


  1. ok, i will madeline! that is kinda sad. i will keep them in our prayers. really, i will. and i am at the lake with our family right now, and i will tell them to pray for them too. are they christian's??? i sure hope they are. well, i have to go, see ya later!

    your best bud, emma :)


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