Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey guess what! I am posting really quick! Yea! It won't be like ten years now..... he he. Well I will tell you what I am doing and what I have been doing this........ well....... year! Ok so right now I am at my nana's house checking my e-mail and stuff like that. So a couple weeks ago I spent the night at my friend Lydia's house. We had a blast!!! Me and Lydia played on the wii and stayed up till 10:30.....hehe. Ok she has a ton of siblings ( mostly little girls) and they are little bundles of fun and joy!!! She has a little sister Ava who is a little snuggle-bug! :) And Ella is a little wild thing!!!! Then she has Lily who is so much fun! Lily, Ava, and Ella LOVE me and want to hang out with me every spare second I have!!!! Hahaha! Well.... oh I know what I can do show you what muppet I like best!!!
His name is beaker!!! And there is a pic of him!!! This pic is also my picture on g-mail. I LOVE BEAKER!!!!! And here are some cute pics of me when I was little!!!! See this is me!!! I am sooo cute!!! Here is another pic!!! This is me on Holloween. I'm in a kitty costume!!!! By the way I was drinking water out of a bowl.... hahaha! Just some pics from when I was a toddler!!! I love he one when I was holding up one finger! Haha!!! So that is all I got to post!!! See Ya!!!


  1. Sorry about all the spacing up above.....

  2. its ok girl. the pics of you, a little girl are too cute! and i saw that you posted on your blog about my idea that i gave you! i love it. and i know that her little sisters are so fun! was austin there when you came over to spend the night?


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