Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just stuff I want to talk about!!!

Well sorry I haven't posted ANYTHING on my blog! I have been looking for cool pics for my cool blog! Ha ha!!! So uuuh I have pics of my adorable basset hound
Lola Bea Miller........ I hope ya like them! Sorry but I couldn't find them..... here are some weird pics! They are above my post because I can't figure out how to put it below my post! Now here is another subject!

Ideas I need you'r ideas for my blog so what could I talk about!!!
By the way want to get in to my book of fame, be the Top Commenter! All you got to do is comment a BUNCH of stuff and give me ideas for a better blog! See soo simple!!! I feel like I am advertising a blog thing on TV. Thanks for reading my blog!!!

Peace out!!!


  1. hey girl, i will post a million comments on your blog, if you put me in your book of fame,

    maybe on your blog, you could post about things that you have done in the past week or 2. like soon i will be posting on my blog about my trip to mexico with pics. i hope you will read and look at it. so, anyways, maybe post about going to you friends house, or something that you have done not to long ago. that is what i am trying to do. i have no idea what you are going to do...


  2. Yes you can be my in my book of fame!!!

  3. Madeline, did you know that the picture of the Hydrangea flowers you have on this post look exactly like what your mom carried down the aisle when we got married? Your mom looked amazingly beautiful that day in her pretty white dress, whispy curly hair, and hydrangea flower bouquet.

    Love you kiddo!



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