Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stuff I created on Paint Net!

Alright this is more of the pics I have made! You see the first one, I call it CAmo WOnder! And yes the second letters are capitalized. I called it ya know, CAmo WOnder cause' it looks like camouflage, but its wonderfully colored. The next one is called, Super Duper Thing! I dunno it looks cool... I don't really know why I like it, ok I like it cause' it looks cool!!! The next one is called, Face. Pretty boring name huh? Well I didn't know what to draw so I made a face! Ok this is the end of me post!

Peace Out!!!

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  1. Hi Madeline!
    I'm Amaranthine, a fellow AIO freak. My favorite characters are Eugene, Jared, and Wooton.
    I was wondering how you customized your blog and made it all colorful....mine is plain. Could you please help me with that? Get back to me soon! My blog is

    In Christ,


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